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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Holiday Open House --- Art and Furniture Sale

McCollum Open House and Annual Art Sale, November 23 and 24.  Some new work and some work from the proverbial "Vault."  These and similar pieces for sale.  

AQUARIUM BOX, mahogany, resin, drawing, 47h x 28.75w x 9d inches 

DESK/HALLWAY Table, bubinga, walnut, 285h x 38.5w x 19d inches,

PLANT STAND, oak, resin, drawing, 26.75h x 15w x 15d inches, 

CAFE TABLE, cherry, mixed woods, resin, 30h x 29w x 29d inches

KEEP CALM, cherry, resin, 9.5h x 5.25w x 5.25d inches

TIME LINE, wood and resin, 16.5h x 16.75w inches

OZETTE, wood and resin, 14.5h x 14.5d inches

ANGEL#2, monoprint, 23h x 19w inches (framed)

ANGEL #4, monoprint, 23h x 19w inches (framed)

SIGNAL, mahogany, resin, 9h x 13.5w x 13.5d inches, 2018

OUTSIDE OF THE BOX, walnut, resin, 11.5h x 8w x 8d inches

UNTITLED TOTEM, wood and resin, 13h x 6.5w x 6.5d inches

EXIT BOX, elm, resin, 11.5h x 8.75w x 8.75d inches

Thursday, November 8, 2018

More "Ship-as-Metaphor" Boxes

Mistakes Were Made, walnut, drawing, resin, 11.25h x 16w x 5d inches, 2018

Stand Clear, 14.5h x 15.5w x 8.5d inches, mahogany, sassafras, drawing, resin, 2018

IT'S NOT THE WAY IT USED TO BE,  14.5h x 18.5w x 8.5d inches, 
mahogany, drawing, resin, 2018

ABOVE AND BELOW,  mahogany, drawing, resin, 9h x 16w x 4d inches, 2018

RED SEA CRUISE, mahogany, drawing, resin, 14.5h x 15.5w x 8.5d inches, 2018

NIGHT WATCH, mahogany, drawing, resin, 12.5h x 15.5w x 4.5d inches, 2018