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Thursday, August 8, 2019

New sculptures in wood and resin, 2019

PASS THROUGH, wood, resin, paint, 21h x 8w x 8d inches, 2019

MESSENGER,  wood, resin, drawing, 20h x 9w x 9d inches, 2019

LEFT TURNcedar, resin, 17h x 9w x 9d inches, 2019, SOLD

HERE COMES THE SUN, maple, resin, 16.5h x 6.5w x 6.5d inches, 2019, SOLD

BUY THIS AND SEE MT. FUJIwood, resin, drawing, 18h x 15.5w x 7d inches,  2019, SOLD

ASTROcherry, maple burl, resin, 23h x 13w x 9.5d inches,  2019

SPINNERsycamore and various hardwoods, resin, 17h x 10w x 10d inches, 2019, SOLD

MYSTERY TREND, wood, resin, 14h X 11.5w X 10d inches, 2019

UNTITLED, various hardwoods, 12h x 9w x 9d inches, 2019

UNTITLED, various hardwoods, resin, 10h x 9.5w x 9.5d inches, 2019

PERSPECTIVE, pine, 23h x 11.5w x 11.5d inches, 2019

SOUVENIR 2, cherry, resin, 16h x 9w x 7.5d inches, 2019

FRAGMENT, mahogany, resin, drawing,15h x 11.5w x 10d inches,  2019

MAPvarious hardwoods, resin,17h x 11w x 11d inches,  2019

DOUBLE Xmahogany, resin, drawing, 24h x 12w x 10d inches, 2019

SOUVENIRmahogany, resin, drawing, 21h x 14.5w x 12.5d, 2019

Boxes of various hardwoods, resin, and drawing