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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Recent Sculptures

RAINY DAY WOMEN, oak, resin, drawing, 41.5h x 11w x 12d inches, 2020, $600.

UNTITLED (figures), cherry, drawing, resin, 40h x 10w x 10.5d inches, 2020, $600.

Another view of sculpture above

POSTCARD, western maple, drawing, resin, 49.5h x 10.5w x 10.5d inches, 2020, $850.

SLOW DANCE, pine, drawing, resin, 50h x 13w x 12d inches, 2020, $850.

UNTITLED, oak, cherry, drawing, resin, 38h x 13w x 11.5d inches, 2020, $500.

VESSEL II, cedar, drawing, resin, 48h x 11.5w x 10.5d inches, 2019, $600.

Fear and Danger at Peninsula College, Port Angeles, WA

Liberty Arts, Yreka Opening