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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Work from the Vault

SCENE BIRCH, black limba, mahogany, cherry, drawing, resin, 12h x 15.5w x 11d", 2020, $425.

DROP OFF, elm, resin, 14.5h x 11w x 11d inches, 2020, SOLD

KNOT BOX, mahogany, drawing, resin, 9.5h x 6w x 5d inches, 2020, $150.

SIDE EYE, quarter sawn white oak, drawing, resin, 1.5h x 8.25w x 5.25d inches, 2020, $350.

WAVE, pine, resin, 17h x 6w x 5d inches, 2020, SOLD.

UNTITLED1, various hardwoods, resin, 10.5h x 9w x 9d inches, 2019, $225.

REFLECTION, bubinga, maple various hardwoods, resin, 15h x 10w x 10d inches, 2019, $375.

ASTRO, mahogany, maple burl, resin, 20h x 11w x 10d inches, 2019, $375.

LAST EXIT, mango, mahogany, resin, 23h x 13w x 13d inches, 2020, SOLD

FRAGMENTS, sassafras, maple, mahogany, drawing, resin, 13h x 11w x 11d", 2018, $400.

SIGNAL, mahogany, resin, 9h x 13.5w x 13.5d inches, 2018, $400.

UNTITLED (hexagon), wood, resin, 11h x 9w x 8d inches 2019, $225.

FIVE and THIRTEEN, mahogany, resin, 9h x 12w x 12d inches, 2018, $325.

MESSENGER, wood, drawing, resin, 20h x 9w x 9d inches, 2019, $450.

#12, maple, elm, resin, 13.5h x 7w x 6.5d inches, 2018, $300.

MEMORY2, maple, drawing, resin, 12h x 10w x 10d inches, 2019, $350.