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Sunday, October 27, 2013

New Work 2013

The Self-portraits and Cups are part of ongoing series that involve aging and household items, respectively.

The pastel series, Atomic Flowers, are about what flowers might look like after a cataclysmic event.

The new 3-D work involves wood, paper, drawing, pastel,  resin and steel.  The cabinets are somewhat functional but are more about ritual than furniture.  They have incorporated drawings and sculptural appendages.

                                          Self-portrait 1, 13" x 7", drawing and epoxy resin

                                            Self-portrait 2,  6" x 6", drawing and epoxy resin

                                            AA Cup, 6" x 5", ink, charcoal, paper, epoxy resin    SOLD

                                                B Cup, 7" x 9", ink, paper, epoxy resin       SOLD


                                 Bubble Lily, 16" x 18", pastel and charcoal on paper        $150.

                              Flowers with Clouds, 12" x 18", pastel, charcoal, paint on paper      SOLD


                          DeLorean Cabinet, 62" x 22" x 20", hardwoods, epoxy resin      SOLD


                      Smooth Sailor, 36" x 16" x 16", hardwoods, paint, epoxy resin    SOLD

              Down Load, 70" x 22" x 14", pastel, charcoal, wood, epoxy resin, casters    SOLD

                      Jump Up, 62" x 12" x 12", hardwoods, pastel, epoxy resin, steel     SOLD

       Leg Extension Cabinet, 55" x 22" x 14", hardwoods, epoxy resin, paint       $600.

                           Warrior, 67" x 16" x 16", hardwoods, epoxy resin        SOLD.

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